Customer Testimonials

Ward Engineering and Selecteon crew,

I want to thank all of you for the great work you've done this for me this year. The Product got the green light from Mrs. Storz, the Company Owner, last week and is now in pre-production. Everything points to this being a big winner. The doctors who used the prototypes are all anxious to buy one; as far as they were concerned the prototype was a final product. Everyone who saw the prototypes was very impressed with the quality. The consistency of each part lot was so high that my measures for handling tolerance stack-ups turned out to be unnecessary. Each tool went together exactly like the others and exactly as designed. All in all, the fabrication was superb.

Doug Allen
Sr. R&D Engineer
Karl Storz Endoscopy America
Dear Selecteon Staff,

You've done it again! Your organization continues to exceed my expectations with the complex geometry and micro-machining you have produced for our projects. Your precision has been evident in both the small R&D quantities and the larger production quantities for us. Thank you so much for your persistent effort in all you do!

Thank you kindly,
Becki Quam
Ward Engineering